Friendly Russian: Learning How to Read & Write in Russian

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Chapter 1: Table of Contents


The main purpose of this chapter is to introduce you to the Russian alphabet (Cyrillic) and to teach you how to read and write in Russian. As you learn the alphabet, take notice of the boldfaced words, as they are frequently used in every day communication. Don't feel overwhelmed by their numbers, you'll encounter them frequently throughout the program and they will eventually stick. So relax and just read on!

The section From the Survival Kit features useful expressions to carry out a conversation. In this chapter, this section will teach you:
  1. how to greet people and say good-bye
  2. how to thank and apologize
  3. how to introduce yourself and ask somebody's name
  4. how to talk about what you have
  5. how to ask about the meaning of word
  6. classroom-related expressions
The Grammar sections in this chapter will introduce you to:
  1. Russian word order
  2. personal pronouns (I, you, he, etc.)
  3. the structure of statements and questions
  4. frequently-used conjunctions (and, or, etc.)
  5. the notion of grammatical gender
  6. numerals 1-10

The Language and Culture section will provide information that will prove useful to avoid communication mishaps.

If by the end of this chapter you've learned how to read the Cyrillic characters, you will have accomplished the main goal of this chapter.
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