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Chapter 1: Lesson 3

Exercises - Упражне́ния

Упражне́ние 1.

Using script, copy the following lines in your notebook. Repeat each set of letters and words until you fill a complete line. Read them out loud. Make sure you understand the text:










  apartment, picture
  store, library
  book and newspaper
  dinner and breakfast
  bus and tram
  Where is the water and juice?
  Who is at home? - At home are mother, brother and sister.



Script Videos -



When writing words in script pay attention to connections between them!


Упражне́ние 2.

Make a list of cognates (out of words given in both lessons).

Упражне́ние 3.

Make a list of false cognates (“false translator’s friends”).

Упражне́ние 4.

Write the appropriate Russian words for each picture, both in print and script.

Word Bank: диван, газета, дом, книга, зонт, собака, автобус, вино, доска, такси




5. INTERACTIVE EXERCISES - Интеракти́вные упражне́ния

  • Exercise 1 Match nouns with the appropriate pronouns (ОН, ОНА, ОНО) by dragging a noun and dropping it in the right box.
  • Exercise 2 Odd word out!
  • Exercise 3 Match nouns and pronouns
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