Friendly Russian: Learning How to Read & Write in Russian

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Chapter 1: Lesson 3

Speech practice

  1. Walk around class asking each student's name and introduce yourself.
  2. Working in pairs, look around and ask your partner about the whereabouts of things in the class, like "Где окно́?" Your partner should try to answer with "тут" (here) or "там" (there) or "вон там" (over there) depending on how close the thing is. Take turns asking and answering.
  3. Repeat the previous assignment, using personal pronouns in your answers, like: "Где окно́?" -- Оно́ там."
  4. Working in pairs, exchange statements about your tastes for food, like: "Мя́со--э́то вку́сно!" to which another student may say: "Да, мя́со--э́то вку́сно" or "Нет, мя́со--э́то не вку́сно!"
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