Wheelock Help
Image of Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition Revised

Supplementary Aids

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Internet sites with help for the Wheelock text. Some are excellent and others are good; many offer the same kind of help. I've pared down the list to the few that I use regularly in my teaching.


The official Wheelock site now offers audio files for the sentences and readings, indispensible if you're studying on your own: Wheelock Audio Files.

Additional Readings

If you'd like more readings that accompany the Wheelock chapters, 38 Latin Stories is a good choice.

Online Flashcard

In addition to the physical flash cards for the chapter vocabulary available at the official Wheelock website, there is a useful online flash card drill at Quia: Wheelock at Quia.

After Wheelock

I've revamped an old graded reader that will help you bridge the gap between studying Latin grammar and reading authentic Latin prose: Getting to Read Latin.

Online Tutoring and Classes

If you need additional coaching, I recommend three online possibilities:

ClassicsProfessor.com (for the adult autodidact)

Schola Tutorials (for traditional homeschooled students)

Regina Coeli (for traditional homeschooled students)

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